MEmu Android Emulator: 7.6.3

MEmu Android Emulator: 7.6.3

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MEmu Android Emulator: 7.6.3 . Latest
MEmu Android Emulator is a free utility to run Android system on your computer where you can enjoy running applications and games that you can find for phones like Whatsapp, Instagram, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans and other games that you can play on your computer with ease.

More Information about MEmu Android Emulator:
Installing the Android emulator MEmu is a great idea to emulate Android systems that are in mobile phones and electronic tablets. You can use various applications and download them via Google Play or install them from the computer. The method is easy. Once the program is installed on the computer, your system will support the application formats .APK is enough to click on it to be installed in Emulator, MEmu Android Emulator is easy to use and does not need complicated settings to customize it. Just install it and start Android.

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MEmu Main Functions & Features:
1. MEmu is one of the easiest programs that provide Android emulation service on the computer. Once the download is completed and the necessary adjustments are made it becomes easier to operate. A window that represents an Android tablet opens, and some basic applications that come with the system by default including ES File Explorer - and Google Play Store to help you Find more games and programs.

2. One of the features of MEmu is choosing what your default “mobile phone” will be. You can distribute as much RAM as you want to use, in addition to the processor power assigned to the program. Want to emulate a Full HD tablet, with 2 RAM Gigabyte and a quad-core processor are advised not to allocate all computer resources because there may get crashes and freezes the entire system. You can save half depending on the capabilities of your computer. For example, a 2-gigabyte computer allocates 1 gigabyte to the program and a gigabyte for the Windows system.

3. The MEmu program also simulates the movement of balancing the smartphone. You can flip the screen while taking screenshots and create many system shortcuts on the keyboard itself. The bottom line is that the Android MEmu emulator is used widely from the world and provides you with an Android system on your computer through which you can install and manage your default phone on the computer.
Changes in MEmu 7.5.3 (2021-06-09):
  • Support 120 frames for FGO and some other games
  • Fixed the problem that the game characters will occasionally move in the opposite direction after the left stick of the controller is released
  • Fixed the compatibility issue of “PUBG Lite”
  • Fixed the compatibility issue of “Epic Seven”.
Changes in MEmu 7.5.0 (2021-04-01):

What’s added:

  • Expand sight” keymapping supports the dynamic correction of hero skill accuracy
  • The synchronizer supports the pause function
  • New MEmuc command
    • listvms –render (obtaining the handle of the render window)
    • randomize (one-key switch function).

What’s fixed:

  • Fixed a memory leak problem in League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • Fixed the problem of automatically entering “AUTH” in the input box
  • Fixed the problem of no response when touching the screen on some tablets
  • Fixed the problem that there is no sound in the emulator after the output device is unplugged or changed
  • Fixed the problem that the emulator may not respond when exporting the keymapping.


Changes in MEmu 7.3.3 (2021-01-29):

What’s added:

  • The cast keymapping supports the adjustment of the character center position and the skill casting sensitivity
  • The cast keymapping supports the adjustment of the skill casting sensitivity
  • The crosshair keymapping supports to switch on/off “Cursor acceleration”
  • Joystick keymapping supports analog mouse function.

What’s fixed:

  • Zoom keymapping supports editing with mouse buttons
  • Optimized the stability while turning the camera in Free Fire
  • The system setting now supports selecting the 90 frame rates mode
  • The MEmuc listvms command supports returning the specified instance information.
Supported OS: All Windows Platforms including: 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.(x86-x64).
Supported Languages: Multi.

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